Airport security doors in what is the most important?

For many transit travellers, hub airports they split into two-the case of London are Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and no problem. BAA has been taking Tokyo as an example to refute this. Tokyo's Narita International Airport after the opening, the existing Haneda Airport had not been closed. BAA think this is reason leading to loss of a large number of flights from Tokyo to Seoul.
      but Seoul airport's rapid growth seems to be Korea's rapid economic growth, as well as Japan's recession has more. And Sunday (AllNipponAirways) President yidongxinyilang also think that Tokyo was demonstrated running two hub airports have been proved to be feasible, because they're both roles: Haneda Airport more Japan domestic flights, while Narita airport security doors were used as connecting Asia and Americas international transit hubs.
      a similar situation also appeared in Shanghai, China. of course, the advantages of large hub airports is still undeniable. London has not given up in the Thames Estuary or its edges-building   a 4-runway new airport programme, and plan to   for it from the outset on the additional ease of Highway and high-speed rail. Compared with this, even if Heathrow Airport   three runways, its capacity can be difficult with this airport compared with high-speed rail connections, import security doors can greatly reduce the Londoners were   noise pollution will add to the programme.
      in fact, the plan's backers may even think that if an airport can be a function. But the airport   planes and taxis and the environmental impacts of rail transport is not that easy to remove. MIT study found that Greek Cypriot   Slo. pollution from airport kills at least 50 minors, were killed, and built a large hub airport in the Thames Estuary will be brought   come from similar harm. But anyway, than in the city of London  , edge programme to expand Heathrow, sparsely around the Thames Estuary, you can reduce the impact of air pollution, build new airport hazard should be smaller. BACK
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