Security door detection principle and importance

Security door principle:
    by Crystal vibration produced 3.5-4.95M of sine oscillation, by crossover device crossover for 7.8K around sine wave, by transistor and coil for power zoom Hou entered door (7 district) big coil for electromagnetic waves launches, by door within 1-6 district coil respectively for received. received Hou, will received to of signal and benchmark signal for has compared, found changes Hou, change collection card output level, CPU in less than 300 milliseconds to scan the 6 regional acquisition card data, determine the location where the metal and the output displayed.
    security door can on through of metal objects produced alarm, is due to sides door within with can launches and received make variable electric magnetic field of sensor. metal conductive body by make variable electric magnetic field incentive Shi, in metal conductive body in the produced Eddy current, and the current and launches a and original magnetic field frequency same but direction instead of magnetic field, metal detector is through detection the Eddy signal has no to found near whether exists metal real. by launches device launches out incentive electromagnetic waves, The signals received by the receiver sensor metal receiving signal detection of Eddy current sensor taken out, and then through the circuit is a series of amplified when the signal reaches the set value in the form of sound and light alarm.
    in some production type Enterprise, precious metals (as copper, and aluminum, and Tin, and nickel), raw materials price sharply rose, caused and of related industry as hardware, and plating, and electronic electrical, and wire cable, and mechanical casting, production enterprise, finished, and semi-finished products, and parts cost line rose, are for these precious metals of price so expensive, recycling points more, part Fandango of employees open, for put an end to company your heavy metal of loss, Enterprise trying to pre to prevention, Reduced metal of loss. practice proved, security door and metal detection door application in factory in can science of, and objective of, and human of, and and effective of up to has prevention and warning of role. This is because security door has: detection precision high and can regulation, and objective, and no human factors interference, and not involved searched, and respect employees, and speed fast, and easy control, features.
    and public, and disco, and dance Office, and courts, places, personnel many, often will has outlaws carry sword, prohibited items waiting assault modus operandi, to caused major of personnel casualties and property loss, to social caused extremely bad of negative effect. to put an end to this class terrorist event occurred, science of management distribution to science effective of management tool imperative. and security door is its most effective of tool one of, It has been widely used in airports and other important safety features to prevent terrorist attacks, was tested after a long time of practice, proved one of the most effective security tool. BACK
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