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&Nbsp;  in order to strengthen the management of entertainment places, protect the healthy development of entertainment, 122th Executive meeting of the State Council passed the People's Republic of China promulgated by Decree No. 458, the entertainment Management Ordinance, and as of March 1, 2006. Our company in line with the introduction of this new regulation, improved security, using third-generation security door materials (frame is aluminum alloy structure, made up of ABS and PVC) is different from the traditional security doors wooden materials and glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, has a higher flame resistance, corrosion resistance and stability.
    1, it uses a pair of infrared detection source cutting, control solenoid, when men carrying daggers, knives with knives, flick-knives and other countries through produces an alarm, can accurately detect people carrying national control tools.
    2, installation purposes: it can effectively exclude the person physically carrying mobile phones, lighters, metal-containing items such as keys and belt buckles, only warning of large knives to ensure public places of entertainment programs and put an end to illegal activities.
    3, installation environment requirements: security doors suitable for installation at the entrance to entertainment and not suitable for outdoor installation, to prevent rain, best security door installation place higher ground 5cm, within 1 meter of the and there should be no large metal objects, preventive security gate when there are unnecessary external metal interference, thereby enhancing the security door inspection precision and accuracy.
    4, selection of installation location: first, entertainment entrance; the second, other specified sites.
    5, the application of the product range and practice: testing weapons and tools, reduce the sensitivity, you can exclude mobile phone, extension, keys, according to customer needs, you can adjust the sensitivity, best alarm detection.
    6, the application of the security door selection, recommend GG-LED type II, recommended using GG-E
    7, typical customers and installation site:
, typical customers: large entertainment area: 400 square meters: GG-LED security door + 2 + hand-held metal detectors for security.
Second, the typical customer: small entertainment business area: 400 m² BACK
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