Principles of security equipment and metal detectors detect metal

Principles of security equipment and metal detectors detect metal
in recent years, metal detectors, security doors, x-ray machines, metal detectors and other security industry is growing rapidly, and unravel the mysteries of the security industry below.
metal detectors and security door devices are mainly used in education, security, archaeological areas of metal detection equipment. For example, it can help the invigilating teacher probing candidates ' bringing a prohibited item into the examination room. However, the metal detector can detect what substances? " Metal "refers to the metal, metal or a metal compound? detection metal detector and what factors? these are worthy of research. Basic conception of
basic approaches to our research activities are: metal detectors detect the ring slowly close to be detected is when the detector when a Tweet is made, that is detected is measured with a ruler and the detection distance between the center of the metal detector. Clearly, detection of objects farther, then its more likely to be detected, that the instrument is more sensitive. In order to ensure the accuracy of the results and the reliability of the data, we all experiment is repeated 3 times, in data averages them, if extreme homes.
test and analysis:
1. and elements form of relationship
copper and iron are is daily in the was widely using of metal, so we first on this two species metal of elemental (block solid), and solid compounds, and dissolved liquid compounds for detection, and compared, experiment results following:
experiment results showed that, metal detector by can detection of "metal" should just refers to free State (that elemental) of metal, and non-General Shang of "metal". Once the metal is transformed into compounds, which cannot be detected. This is different from the flame reaction, flame reaction needed to "metal" is a generalization of "metals".
and metal shapes to elemental metals are shaped in the form of, for example, it can be a small powder can be granular, can also be a flake, block, etc. First of all, we will most often used in chemistry experiments of metal powder tile on the paper go into the detection results were as follows:
results show that metal powder cannot be detected. Experiment, even with lots of metal powder, or even use the whole bottle of metal powder, metal detectors were "ignored". So if the metal powder particles are to be enlarged again will be the result?
laboratory have ready-made zinc tablets (approximately 3 mm in diameter), which is hydrogen stand-by drugs. In addition, the nails can also be seen as a kind of larger particles with fixed shape. So, we have to test both large particles of metal, and zinc particles and nails are "good sky"!
we have on film-metal, sheet metal, detecting the bulk metal. Subjects for the aluminum foil, silver foil, zinc, copper, iron, copper etc. Among them, the silver foil from the "Silver mirror" we attach on the inner wall of a thin layer of silver foil tube detection. Results show that includes a thin, silver foil, none of these metal "slip through". The results were as follows:
worth mentioning is that metal detectors can, through the glass wall of the tube "awareness" to the inner wall of silver metal, also showed that the metal does not necessarily require the State of the metal is exposed. Based on this, metal detectors can be used extensively to detect some of the more hidden contraband.
the relationship between zinc particles and metal quality is grainy, solid samples for different access easier, so we choose zinc particles for study. As control variables, we have different quality of zinc tablets are available in 3 different sizes of test tube, toward the bottom of the test tube vertical sounding, so can at least ensure that the cross-sectional area of the probe is the same. Results were as follows:
This can be seen, more massive metal, the easier it is to detect if metal is too small, it may be difficult to detect.
the conclusion: experimental study of
we came to the conclusion: metal detectors and security device is the only instrument able to detect metal, of metal detection with the shape and mass of metal and so on. Of course, this inquiry is an initial, rough, there are many unreasonable and should be further improved, for us, the need to further enhance their sense of scientific inquiry.

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